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Welcome to Tixoolas fundraising section, your digital platform for participating in meaningful causes and exciting raffles. We aim to streamline the process of contributing to fundraisers and engaging in charitable events, ensuring youre always able to lend a helping hand and possibly win something along the way.

Raffle Ticket Fundraising
Sporting Events

Groups / Teams

  • Track By Group

    Special link for any group. Compete with each other.

  • Status Dashboard

    Know where each group stands and anytime.

Custom link for each participant

  • Link For You

    Each member of group will have own fundraising link.

  • Top Performers

    Quickly track top performers.


  • Keep in touch with group

    Quicky notify group members of how many tickets sold and goals.

  • Raffle Ticket History

    Customer can quickly see all their tickets and history

Participate in Meaningful Causes
Sporting Events

From charity galas, benefit concerts, community drives, to fun runs, Tixoola provides you with an array of fundraising events. Whether youre passionate about education, health, environment, or local community support, we connect you with the causes that matter to you.

Round-Up Donations
Sporting Events

With Tixoola, giving becomes even more accessible. Our platform offers the option to round up your ticket purchase to the nearest dollar as a donation. This simple act can make a world of difference when we all chip in. Raffle Tickets Who said contributing to a good cause couldnt also be fun? With Tixoola, you can buy raffle tickets for a variety of exciting prizes. Its a win-win: you get a chance to win amazing items, experiences, or services while your money supports worthy causes.

Auto Draw Winners
Sporting Events

Tixoola will automatically draw winners based on the settings you choose. We provide a convenient live drawing page where participants can have fun seeign friends and family win. End of drawing notifications to all winners.

Dedicated Support

Our team is always ready to help with any queries or issues you may have. From purchase to performance, were here to ensure your ticketing journey is smooth and enjoyable. At Tixoola, were passionate about connecting fans with their musical heroes. We understand the magic of hearing your favorite song live, of being part of a crowd singing along, of experiencing the powerful moments that only live music can provide. With Tixoola, youre not just buying a ticket - youre gaining a memory that will last a lifetime. Join our community and lets create music memories together.

Ease and Accessibility

Bypass the hassle of physical ticket purchases and unending queues. With Tixoola, you can secure your sports event tickets with just a few clicks. We believe in making the entire ticketing process smooth, allowing you to focus on the excitement of the upcoming game.

Reliable and Secure Platform
Performing Arts

At Tixoola, we prioritize your security. Weve incorporated top-notch encryption technologies to make sure that your purchase is safe and your personal data is kept private.

Competitive Prices
School Events

We strive to offer competitive pricing for every ticket category. We believe in making live sports events accessible, bringing fans closer to their favorite teams without breaking the bank.

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